This Version Posted: September 14, 2021

The pandemic may have thrown a wrench in our sleeping habits, but going back-to-school means it’s time to get back to a consistent sleep routine.  

A regular sleep schedule will help with success in the classroom, as lack of sleep can cause forgetfulness, difficulty in learning, low motivation and could directly impact their mental health. 

Check out these tips and tricks to get back on a healthy sleep cycle: 

  • Wake up and go to sleep at the same time: this allows our bodies to get used to it and eventually regulate itself to that schedule accordingly. 
  • Have a bedtime routine: shut down the electronics and get out the books, make sure teeth are brushed, clothes are picked out and lunches are packed before crawling into bed. 
  • Create a healthy sleeping space: make sure the bed is in a cool, dark, quiet room with no access to electronics or distractions that could keep us up at night. 

For additional information on how to create a healthy sleep routine for all ages, visit: Sleep: Benefits and recommended amounts (