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This Version Posted: December 3, 2021

Vaccines are now here in the fight against COVID-19. Please read further for more information.

Get Your Vaccine
  • Anyone born in 2016 or earlier is eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. Click here for upcoming clinic dates and locations.
  • To learn about COVID-19 vaccine safety for youth, click here.

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About COVID-19 Vaccine
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How COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Vaccines have saved millions of lives over the past century. COVID-19 vaccines will work similarly to protect millions more. Here’s how:

  • COVID vaccines work with your body’s natural defenses to build protection against coronavirus.
  • It does this by telling your body to make spike proteins.
  • Spike proteins are unique to the virus that causes COVID-1.9
  • Your immune system responds to the spike proteins by making antibodies that can protect you against COVID-19.

The result is that you build up immunity to the virus, allowing your body to fight off COVID-19 more easily.

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Facts on COVID-19 Vaccine
  • COVID-19 vaccine does not contain the coronavirus and cannot give you COVID-19. Instead, the vaccine offers a dose of protection!
  • Like other vaccines, it may take several days for your body to build full immunity against COVID-19.
  • This means if you come in contact with the virus just before or after you complete the vaccine series, you could still develop COVID-19. That makes it important to continue taking COVID-19 precautions until you are fully protected.
  • The Ontario Medical Association also offers additional facts about COVID-19 vaccine.
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Possible Side-Effects
  • Serious adverse reactions to vaccines are rare.
  • If you get any vaccine, minor side-effects may occur. These are usually mild and clear up within a few days. Some common side-effects include: pain at the site of injection (even redness and swelling), body chills, feeling tired or feeling feverish.
  • Vaccines are constantly monitored for potential reactions and safety measures are put in place if needed. You can be assured COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective!
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What You Can Do
  • Even once you are fully vaccinated, continue your efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19:
    • Stay home if sick.
    • Wear a mask or face covering that covers your nose, mouth and chin when inside public places.
    • Practise physical distancing by staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart from others.
    • Wash hands frequently with soap and water.
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Speak to a Health Care Professional

Make an appointment to talk with a doctor/nurse if you have questions or concerns about receiving the COVID- 19 vaccine. Access these free services:

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Additional Resources

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine distribution, development and safety:

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