This Version Posted: November 5, 2020

Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA), 2017, effective October 17, 2018 repeals the existing Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2015, replacing them with one legislative framework.

The SFOA, 2017 regulates the sale, supply, use, display and promotion of both tobacco and vapour products while also regulating the smoking and vaping of cannabis. The SFOA, 2017 is enforced by Health Unit Tobacco Enforcement officers and protects and regulates smoking in public places. There are many benefits to smoke-free spaces, including:

  • Reducing the health risks of second-hand smoke exposure.
  • De-normalizing tobacco use.
  • Creating a healthier environment.
Places of Use

In addition to the below spaces where the smoking of tobacco was previously restricted under the former SFOA, this new Act prohibits both smoking of tobacco or cannabis as well as the vaping of any substance in/on:

  • Enclosed (indoor) public places
  • Enclosed work places such as office buildings, factories, vehicles
  • Common areas of multi-unit dwellings such as apartment buildings and condos
  • Playgrounds and sport fields- on and within 20 meters of any playground or municipal sports field.
  • Hospitals- includes inside of premise as well as entire hospital property.
  • Long-Term Care Homes- includes inside of premise as well as within 9 meters of any entrance or exit.
  • Motor Vehicles- while children under 16 years old is present.
  • Child care centres and home child care locations
  • Spectator areas of sport and entertainment venues
  • New under SFOA, 2017
  • Bar and Restaurant patios – on and within 9 metres of a restaurant or bar patio.