Dog with yellow ribbon with leash tied to tree

This Version Posted: September 18, 2022

See a yellow ribbon on a dog or pet? Give it space!

If You See Yellow: Caution – I Might Bite! 
  • If you see a dog or animal with a yellow ribbon (or any colour yellow on its collar/leash), it’s a sign to give the animal space. Remember, yellow means caution!
  • Yellow on a stoplight = slow down. Yellow on a dog = I need space!  
  • Watch this video for more details.
Yellow = I Need Space
If Your Pet Needs Space
  • If your dog/pet needs space, tie a yellow ribbon (or tag/bandana) on its collar or leash. This lets people know not to pet or approach your animal. Learn more in the video below.
  • Reasons a dog/pet may need space:
    • In Training: Let them focus on their lesson
    • Age: Older dogs may be grumpy, sleepy, and less social. Give them space… they’ve earned it! 
    • Health reasons: A dog may feel unwell or be recovering from surgery/operation and needs space to heal.
    • Personality: Some dogs are aggressive, anxious, nervous, fearful, shy, skittish or anti-social by nature.
Tying a yellow ribbon on your dog’s leash or collar can let others know to give your pet space.
Service Animals
  • Never approach or disrupt a Service Dog or their owner/handler. These dogs have special training to increase the mobility and independence of their owners. These dogs need to stay focused, so distracting them can put the owner’s well-being at risk.  
Spread the Word – #YellowRibbonDog
  • Share information about to do if you see a dog/pet with yellow on it – Yellow = Caution
  • Take a photo of your dog/animal wearing its yellow ribbon/dog tag/bandana/etc. Share on social media and tag @HKPRDHU with the hashtag #YellowRibbonDog to help spread awareness in the community.
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