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Needle Exchange and Safe Supplies

Contents of safe injection kit.

HKPR District Health Unit provides access to harm reduction supplies and services that can help prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Needle safety, emphasizes on the proper disposal of used needles and the significance of using clean and sterile supplies. 

The Health Unit is committed to promoting awareness around safe supplies to enable individuals to make informed decisions that prioritize their well-being and the safety of those around them.

About the Needle Exchange Program

The Needle Exchange Program (NEP) helps reduce the harms associated with substance use. Needle exchange sites and bins provide safe and anonymous access to sterile injection and inhalation equipment, and safe disposal for used equipment.  

You can pick-up safe supplies at an HKPR District Health Unit office location as well as at other community based organizations sites, safe supply pick up locations are called Needle Exchange Sites and they offer: 

  • New equipment – personal disposal bins, needles, pipes, spoons, ties, filters, swabs, water, and Vitamin C 
  • Testing information on HIV, Hepatitis C, and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) 
  • Information on safer sex, pregnancy, and more 
  • Free condoms, lube and dental dams 
  • Information on other resources and community agencies 

When looking to safely dispose of needles we ask that you use a Needle Disposal Bin, the Bins reduce accidental contact with used needles. Personal Needle Disposal Bins can be carried with you or stored at a personal location to dispose of used needles and are available for pick up at the Health Unit and at Needle Exchange sites.  

Community Needle Disposal Bins are large disposal units at fixed locations and can be used to dispose of used equipment, or used to dispose of personal disposal bins that are full. 

Call mobile outreach at PARN, 705-559-3904, for information about safe needle clean-up or to arrange needle pick-up and disposal. Personal needle disposal bins are also available for pick-up at the Health Unit and other at other Needle Exchange Sites.  

Check out these resources for more information on how to safely pick up a discarded needle:

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