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Child Hearing and Vision for Educators

HKPR’s District Health Unit’s School Health Team understands the importance of addressing the unique needs of every student, including those with vision and hearing impairments. This page aims to provide you with valuable information and resources to support students with visual and auditory challenges, ensuring they receive an inclusive and enriching educational experience. 

  • Identifying Visual Challenges: Learn about the signs that may indicate a student is experiencing vision difficulties. Early detection can significantly impact a student's ability to succeed in the classroom. 
  • Collaborating with Professionals: Work closely with school counselors, vision specialists, and parents to create a comprehensive plan that meets the individual needs of students with vision impairments. 
  • Accommodations and Assistive Technologies: Discover a range of accommodations and assistive technologies available to help students with vision impairments access information and participate fully in class activities. 

  • Recognizing Hearing Loss: Familiarize yourself with the signs of hearing loss in students and be proactive in addressing potential challenges they may face. 
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Learn and implement communication strategies that foster inclusivity in the classroom, such as using visual aids, captions, and gestures. 
  • Utilizing Assistive Listening Devices: Explore various assistive listening devices that can enhance a student's ability to hear lectures and participate in discussions. 

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