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Immunization Records and Reporting

The Health Unit does not receive automatic updates of immunization records from doctor’s offices. Instead, the Health Unit relies on parents and caregivers to keep their child’s immunization records updated.

Please note: COVID-19 immunization records are not accepted or required.

Why do I need to report immunizations?

Health care providers do not inform public health when they provide immunizations. You need to report immunizations so the Health Unit can help keep a record for you. You need to show an immunization record to:

  • Register for school in Ontario.
  • Register for child care.
  • Attend camps or other children’s programs.
  • Work or volunteer in some jobs.
  • Travel to some countries.

Immunization records that have been reported to public health are available online through Immunization Connect Ontario portal.

Your immunization record is not available online if:

  • Your immunization record has not been reported to public health.
  • Your health card number has not been provided to a health unit and/or entered into the immunization database.

If you can’t find your immunization record online, contact the office where you received your vaccinations and ask for a record of what they gave you. If you have provided the Health Unit with a record in the past and aren’t able to find it online, contact us for a copy.

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