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The time before your baby is born is very important for their healthy growth and development. The HKPR District Health Unit stands ready to assist you in aligning your lifestyle with the well-being of your growing family.

A Healthy Pregnancy

Welcoming a new baby into your life can be truly delightful, yet it's also a phase that often comes with uncertainties. As pregnancy starts many parents find themselves with questions and worries. The HKPR District Health Unit is here to help with programs, services and supports for your growing family.

Your nutritional health, before and during pregnancy, influences the health of your developing baby.

  1. Balanced Nutrient Intake: Prioritize a well-rounded diet rich in a variety of nutrients. Incorporate lean proteins, whole grains, plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and sources of healthy fats to provide essential vitamins and minerals for both you and your developing baby.

  2. Folic Acid Focus: Ensure adequate folic acid intake by consuming foods like leafy greens, fortified cereals, and legumes. Folic acid plays a crucial role in preventing birth defects of the baby's brain and spine.

  3. Hydration Matters: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Proper hydration supports healthy amniotic fluid levels and helps your body manage increased blood volume.

  4. Mindful Eating: Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues. Opt for frequent, small meals to maintain steady energy levels and mitigate common pregnancy discomforts like nausea and heartburn.

  5. Limit Caffeine and Harmful Substances: Monitor caffeine intake, opting for moderate amounts, and avoiding high-caffeine drinks. Also, steer clear of alcohol, tobacco, and any other harmful substances that could negatively impact your baby's development.

For more information on these topics, please visit:

Remember, consulting with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian can provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique nutritional needs during pregnancy. Contact the Healthy Families Information and Support Line 1-866-888-4577 ext. 5003 to connect with a Registered Dietitian.

When you or the people around you smoke or vape, your baby smokes too. A smoke- and vape free environment is best for both you and your developing baby.

Smoking tobacco during pregnancy results in serious risks for both you and your baby. It has been shown that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy increases the risk of complications, such as low birth weight, stillbirths, miscarriage, decreased fetal growth, premature births, placental abruption and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

More information on Quitting Smoking and Vaping. 

Everyone has a different pregnancy experience. It is normal to experience a range of feelings, from happiness to worry and stress. Your mental health is linked to your physical health so it is  important to be aware of how you are feeling and get the support you need.

The HKPR District Health Unit uses the Care Pathway to provide one-on-one support for families through the Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) Program, the Healthy Families information and support line and the Healthy Families Feeding and Nutrition Support Program. The goal of these programs is to help parents better understand the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health concerns and to connect families to the appropriate mental health supports.


Breastfeeding fosters a unique bond promoting emotional and psychological growth. Beyond the immediate benefits, breastfeeding also contributes to long-term health outcomes, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Recognizing its significance, public health initiatives advocate for and support breastfeeding as a fundamental pillar of optimal child and maternal health.

Breast milk is so complete it is the only food or drink your baby needs for the first 6 months. For more information check out our Breastfeeding Supports information.

The HKPR District Health Unit provides various supports and programs for you and your growing family for full program listings check out our Pregnancy and Feeding Supports page.

Contact Us!

Speak to a Public Health Nurse by calling the Healthy Families Information and Support Line 1-866-888-4577 ext. 5003

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